The Spiderwick Chronicles

Tippett animates rampaging trolls

Tippett Studio animated the featured characters Hogsqueal, the villainous Red Cap with his army of goblins, the rampaging Troll, and the final crow form of shape-shifting Mulgarath.

Phil Tippett oversaw the design and development of these fantasy characters. The first task was to envision a fully-realized fantasy dimension that could believably coexist, unseen, alongside our own. Phil saw immediately that these otherwise fantasy denizens must still behave in physically plausible ways in order to share space with the human cast. When a shot required Red Cap to grapple with someone beyond arms length, Phil observed, He’s not a Saturday morning cartoon character. He’s made of genuine flesh and bone and has to obey the laws of reality. Observing natural movement in this way further gave the filmmakers an edge in creating a fantasy that is also palpable, so even its unlikeliest events still feel totally engaging.

The Spiderwick Chronicles earned Tippett Studio a 2008 VES Award Nomination for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Motion Picture

Creative Team

  • Phil Tippett (Character Supervisor)
  • Blair Clark (VFX Supervisor)
  • Joel Friesch (Art Director)
  • Todd Labonte (Animation Supervisor)
  • Colin Epstein (Compositing Supervisor)