Health Transparency Disclosures

Following the Transparency in Coverage rule, we have made available the machine-readable files for our Blue Shield and Kaiser plans.

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Blue Shield


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VFX Producer

VFX Producers oversee nearly all aspects of a project from the early stages of the bidding process, throughout show production, up to its successful completion

CG Supervisor

CG Supervisors design, problem solve, oversee and manage the complexities of the entire CG production pipeline from start to finish

Layout and Match Move Supervisor

The Layout & Match Move Supervisor is responsible for overseeing and/or executing all aspects of 3D layout, previs, and match move work done in the studio.

Matchmove Artist

CG Match Move Artists are responsible for recreating sets, objects and camera motion in a 3D software environment to match a live-action background image.

VFX Editor

The Visual Effects Editor serves as a hub of film, video and digital editorial at Tippett Studio.


Compositors are responsible for compositing visual effects shots using Nuke and in-house software

Environment Artist

Environment Artists create, manage, and maintain CG environments and assets

Fur/Groom Artist

Fur/Groom Artists create hair, fur, and feather grooms for characters

FX Animator (Mid/Sr. Level)

FX Animators use dynamic and procedural systems to create natural phenomena (smoke, fire, cloth, etc.) and other visual effects

Lighting TD (Mid/Sr. Level)

Lighting Technical Directors create atmosphere, realism, tone and depth, visually balancing individual elements to create passes needed for compositors to produce a convincing image

Look Development TD

Look Development TDs combine materials, textures, lighting and models to match or establish a desired look for the asset before and throughout the VFX production process

Matte Painter

Matte Painters create original 2D, 2.5D or 3D photo real environments, elements and textures for matching into live action plates or to stand on their own as DMP plates

Rigging Artist

Rigging Artists set up and manage rigging and enveloping for hero and background creatures, vehicles, and props in Maya

Texture Artist

Texture Artists create and apply textures to achieve surface qualities needed in the development of assets used in production

Pipeline Technical Assistant

Pipe TAs assist artists with render job debugging and with general troubleshooting.