VFX Producer

The VFX Producer is responsible for overseeing nearly all aspects of a project from the early stages of the bidding process, throughout show production, and up to its successful completion. This is a high-level position within the studio that is both client and crew-facing, while partnering closely with the VFX Supervisor and studio senior management.

Production Coordinator

The Coordinator functions as a main hub of information between the artists, supervisors, the production department, and the rest of the studio, and helps ensures that all artists are aware of their schedules and are on track for meeting deadlines. This is a support role for production that requires strong multi-tasking and organizational skills in a high-pressure, deadline-oriented environment.

Pipeline Software Engineer

Pipeline Software Engineers are part of a team that creates and maintains a diverse set of tools for visual effects production, with a focus on improving efficiency for artists and production management. Pipeline Software Engineers also work directly with artists and production management to assess needs, train, and support. The position reports to the Director of Technology.

Environment Concept Artist

Environment Concept Artists work closely with the Art Director and VFX Supervisor to define the look of the project, the visual direction, and the mood for a range of environments on a wide variety of projects.

CG Character Animator

CG Character Animators are responsible for designing and executing the performance of digital characters within a shot.