The Crossing

Collaborating with legendary director John Woo on his sweeping period piece,

Tippett Studio contributed a flyover sequence that’s more than meets the eye. The lengthy, uninterrupted shot begins at dusk in one squalid section of 1940’s Shanghai and ends inside a lushly appointed room at the Peace Hotel late at night, traversing both time and distance. Tippett conducted all of the geographical and historical research, mapped the terrain, built all the structures, and designed the camera move, resulting in a seamless shot that carries the viewer “from Hell to Heaven.”

Creative Team

  • Chris Morley (VFX Supervisor)
  • Sabina Fredenberg (VFX Producer)
  • Ross Nakamura (Compositing Supervisor)
  • Kent Matheson (Art Director)
  • Ben Von Zastrow (Lead Environments)