Tippett produced this 3D animated commercial with directors Encyclopedia Pictura

…and Ghost Robot for the evolutionary RPG game SPORE from Electronic Arts.

The commercial played upon the theme of creative control, an aspect of play very unique to the game. The progression is set to the original song How Would it Be and follows a creatures evolution from a tiny blobular organism into a spaceship-savvy being, with many stages of colorful transformation in between.

Working closely with the Encyclopedia Pictura team, Tippett artists created CG characters and props to accompany stylized matte painting environments.

Tippett supplied the technology and engineers to break the matte paintings into 3D components, and recombine them for successful 3D viewing. With a tight eight-week timeline, there was little room for mishap, especially since each shot required a left-eye and right-eye version at finaling.

Creative Team

  • Encyclopedia Picture (Director)
  • Aharon Bourland (VFX Supervisor)
  • Paul Hill (VFX Producer)