Tippett used its VFX-artistry to comically illustrate different ways Intel enhances our world.

In the first of three spots, a hound dog reveals his expertise in the game of chess (and his ability to talk!), while observing a park game from the sidelines. 

In the second spot, an imaginative little girl turns a pile of Legos into a life-sized dancing robot, proving the imagination knows no bounds. 

For the final, and most challenging, spot, Tippett created a lifelike, talking, newborn. Creating a believable digital humanoid is no simple matter, let alone creating an adorable baby. The crew had only 20 minutes to capture the footage they needed on set, which left the team a greatly limited amount of source and reference material. 

“We replaced the baby’s face and most of its head with computer graphics,” explains VFX Supervisor, Matt Jacobs, “which required a ton of collaboration between our animators and our modeling department. Our art department and lighters carefully matched the look and feel of the real baby, filmed on set.  Then our compositors meticulously matched the color, contrast, and every other tiny detail, to seamlessly blend the baby into the photographic plate. Everyone was super happy with the results.  And no talking newborns were harmed in the making of this commercial.”


Executive Producer
Paul Grimshaw

VFX Producer
Lee Hahn

VFX Supervisor
Matt Jacobs

VFX Supervisor
Tom Gibbons