Tippett Studio worked on four out of the five films of the international sensation, The Twilight Saga, a franchise that has grossed over $3.3 billion to date. The Tippett team was pleased to be able to work with directors, Chris Weitz, David Slade, and Bill Condon to bring Jacob’s wolfpack to life, from their first dramatic transformations in New Moon to the final, climactic battle in Breaking Dawn, Part 2.
Given the welcome opportunity to work on these projects from script to screen, we developed the storyboards and animatics, then designed and developed the ten wolves required of the project, carrying the creators’ vision all the way through production and post-production. Each of the ten shapeshifting wolves featured throughout the story is imbued with distinct facial characteristics and a recognizable personality. Our team visited with actual wolves in order to realistically develop facial animation rigs that would allow audiences to read the creatures’ expressions while the characters remained believably wolf-like.

Chris Weir
David Slade
Bill Condon

VFX Supervisors
Phil Tippett
Matt Jacobs
Eric Leven

VFX Producer
Ken Kokka

Animation Supervisor
Tom Gibbons

Compositing Supervisor
David Schnee

Art Director
Nate Fredenburg