For Ted 2, the sequel to the blockbuster Ted, Tippett Studio once again pushed the boundary between live action footage and CGI character animation.

Sporting an array of costumes in a variety of environments, the notion that Ted is a digital creation quickly fades into the background. To audiences, he is as real as thunder-buddy-for-life Mark Wahlberg.

A particular set of challenges in achieving emotional believability with Ted’s character revolved around the limitations imposed by the simplicity of his facial features. Working with only two beady eyes, a pair of eyebrows and a mouth, Tippett’s animators were able to produce a thoroughly absorbing performance with a galaxy of emotions, running the gamut from apoplectic rage to heartfelt gratitude.

From the opening Busby Berkeley-style musical number to going mano-a-mano with Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman, Ted dominates the screen through a perfect blending of tour de force vocal performance and brilliant keyframe animation.

VFX Supervisors
Blair Clark
Eric Leven

VFX Producer
Fiona Chilton

Animation Supervisor
Brian Mendenhall

Compositing Supervisor
David Schnee

Art Director
Mark Dubeau