Paul Verhoeven’s cult classic Starship Troopers represented a huge technical challenge for filmmakers and artists alike. The film featured hordes of digitally rendered alien creatures as its primary antagonists, demanding unprecedented amounts of resources while casting an added degree of scrutiny over the film’s two hundred visual effects shots – itself an exceptional scope of work at the time.

Starship Troopers represented a watershed moment for Tippett Studio, launching us into a new era as a full-CG facility. Our team – which grew during this time from a small group of twenty to a horde itself of two hundred visual artists – created sequences that earned Phil Tippett an Oscar nomination and today still lead culture commentators such as Den of Geek! to proclaim, “Years on, Jurassic Park and Starship Troopers’ effects still impress.”

Paul Verhoeven

VFX Supervisor
Phil Tippett

VFX Producer
Jules Roman

Animation Supervisor
Trey Stokes

Compositing Supervisor
Brennan Doyle

Art Director
Craig Hayes