The Tippett team had a great time bringing the 2D characters of Japanese mobile game “Monster Strike” into 3D for director Wayne McClammy. Pereira O’Dell and director Wayne McClammy cast SNL and Brooklyn 99 star Andy Samberg as coach of a team comprised of the monsters from the Monster Strike game.

Our art department developed concepts based on the tiny avatar illustrations used in the game. Working closely with our modelers and technical directors, the resulting creatures were textured and lit to seamlessly blend in with Samberg, who paced the dingy locker room setting giving his inspiring half-time speech.

Utilizing practical effects wherever possible to maximize realism, Tippett succeeded at integrating characters – such as Jabbanero, the fire-breathing dragon-like creature, and Cthulu the ink-spraying deity – into the live-action environment.

VFX Supervisor
Eric Leven

VFX Producer
Ken Kokka

Art Director
Mark Dubeau