As long time partner with Universal and the “Jurassic” franchise, Tippett Studio was thrilled to bring the T-Rex to life once again for Universal Parks and Resorts “Jurassic World: The Ride” announcement commercial. 

Set on the Universal back lot, Tippett’s dino-wranglers got to smash the iconic arched gates of the theme park, while film crews, actors and extras run for their lives.  “This just got real.” 

Under production company Reset, and director Reynald Gresset, VFX Supervisor Matt Jacobs and crew simulated complex destruction simulations on the Universal archway, adding cracks and falling debris in keeping with the scale and drama of the scene. 

Though harder to spot, Tippett even comped in a hint of the T-Rex’s teeth as a reflection in the astronaut’s helmet.  To achieve the nuanced reality of this effect, Tippett’s artists experimented with a range of looks to achieve the drama the scene needed, even if it pushed the reality of how a natural reflection might appear.


Executive Producers
Paul Grimshaw & Blaise Panfalone

VFX Supervisor
Matt Jacobs

VFX Supervisor
Tom Gibbons