Tippett Studio partnered with Oscar-winning Danish director Anders Walter (as well as our close friend, the T-Rex) for the playful Lego Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom crossover spot, This is not a Brick. In this internationally-broadcast commercial, a child’s fantasy comes to life when his Lego world becomes his real world, pulling his playful parents into the plot! 

“We had to edit as we shot on set,” explained VFX Supervisor, Matt Jacobs. “The schedule was tight but we had to make sure everything was going to work in post. For example, when I first heard the track, a waltz, being played over the rehearsal of the shot I thought it’d be great to time the steps of the T-Rex with the beats of the music. We made a slight adjustment to the camera and blocking and from there we were able to achieve the synced action with the jingle of the waltz. I think it’s a fun spot to watch and bends reality in an interesting way.”


Paul Grimshaw and Blaise Panfalone

VFX Supervisor
Matt Jacobs

VFX Supervisor
Tom Gibbons