Tippett Studio creatively partnered with director Koan Hui and VFX producer John Dietz to craft beautifully imagined characters and scenery inspired by Ming Dynasty tale Fēngshén Yǎnyì, by Xǔ Zhònglín, translated into English as ‘League of Gods.’

“I had an extraordinarily collaborative experience with Tippett Studio,” says Director Koan. “We’re very proud of our depiction of the mythological baby character, Naza, and his friends.”

To breathe life into this beloved 16th-century mythos, Tippett artists worked with Koan and Dietz to create a CGI version of mischievous baby Naza, complete with six arms, magical flaming wheels, rings of fire and a side-splitting collection of battle techniques that will delight audiences both young and old.

“Baby Naza is certainly a stand-out achievement for us,” says VFX Supervisor Matt Jacobs, “There were a lot of challenges there. This is a character that Chinese audiences have grown up with. He’s been imagined and re-imagined over hundreds of years. We had to work very closely with Koan and John to make sure the personality and look of Baby Naza was just right, and would give Chinese audiences a good feeling about this character that already has a lot of cultural affection attached to it.”

VFX Producer
Lawson Owen

VFX Supervisor
Matt Jacobs