Tippett Studio’s commercial endeavors reached new heights on a recent KPMG spot, created in partnership with J. Walter Thompson Worldwide New York.

The spot features a charmingly choreographed aerial ballet between a paper airplane and a friendly drone, symbolizing KPMG’s mission to “Anticipate tomorrow, Deliver Today.” J. Walter Thompson Worldwide and KPMG tapped Tippett Studio for the studio’s decades of experience creating memorable characters and photorealistic environments.  A combination of live action scenes, plate photography, CG interiors, set extensions, and computer animation, “Flight Plan” was managed from storyboard to final edit at Tippett Studio’s headquarters in Berkeley, CA.

“I think Tippett Studio was a great choice for a number of reasons,” says Tippett director Matt Jacobs. “We were able to accomplish the work in-house from start to finish. Producing the entire spot, we shot on our stage facilities. We storyboarded, edited, and then executed all the animation and VFX in-house. It was a tight-knit team, allowing us to be efficient with our short timeframe.  We were all on the same page throughout the duration of the work.”

KPMG “Flight Plan” is currently airing on NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and the Golf Channel.


Matt Jacobs

Executive Producer
Paul Grimshaw