Tippett Studio animated the mighty Ogrim Doomhammer into modern day Beijing for Intel China.

In collaboration with Legendary Entertainment, Tippett Studio partnered with Ogilvy Beijing for this multi-faceted advertising campaign that marries the fantasy of Warcraft with the high-powered technology of modern China.

With live-action sequences shot in Tianjin and Beijing, the spots feature a roaring Orgrim’s pursuit of a hapless Warcraft gamer through a bustling Chinese metropolis, including a life-sized set of an underground train station custom-built for the shoot.

Intel China Marketing Executive Chen Ling and Director Han Yan, famed for 2015 Oscar contender Go Away Mr. Tumor, worked on-set with Tippett VFX Supervisor Chris Morley and Executive Producer Paul Grimshaw to stage and oversee both practical and CG shots over a period of three weeks in Northern China.

The visual effects and animation work then continued at Tippett Studio in Berkeley, California, on an accelerated schedule to coincide with the film’s global release.




英特尔(中国)市场经理凌晨,与被提名奥斯卡「滚蛋吧!肿瘤君」名导演韓延,同蒂比特工作室特效主管Chris Morley, 执行制片人Paul Grimshaw, 以三周时间,在北京和天津现场拍摄。CGI 动画和特效,于美国加卅柏克利蒂比特工作室施工,以超速的制作时间完成,来配合魔兽全球上映日期。

Executive Producer
Paul Grimshaw

VFX Supervisor
Chris Morley