Tippett Studio’s dynamics and compositing teams created magic at Gringott’s Goblin Bank in the exciting final film of the Harry Potter series. With a combination of keyframe and procedural animation, the ‘replicating treasure’ sequence stands out as a high point of the film.

Raytraced treasure models, replicated and keyframed in Maya and Houdini, were lit with environment maps based on photographs and scans of the live action set. Our team navigated around the dark and moody lighting of the scene by using the narrative element of the characters’ wands as a practical solution. The “lumos” spells used by Harry, Ron, and Hermione were overlayed with a magical glow composite that created dramatic and exciting lighting for the scene.

VFX Supervisor
Matt Jacobs

VFX Producer
Fiona Chilton

Animation Supervisor
Nate Ross

Effects Supervisor
Scott Singer

Art Director
Joel Friesch