When Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) steps out of her cel-animated fairy tale into the real world, she brings more than a little magic to the grit and chaos of live-action Manhattan. A key element was the photorealism of creatures that made the transition from the animated universe to this one, such as Giselle’s loyal sidekick, the chipmunk Pip. The Tippett Studio team created and animated a Pip who was able to fit into his live action environment while also delivering a character performance worthy of a Disney sidekick.

A musical number involving scores of singing and dancing rats, mice, pigeons, flies and cockroaches was a fitting (albeit unsavory) tribute to the great tradition of Disney animated musicals. New York’s least glamorous denizens washed and dried dishes, mopped the floors, and scrubbed the tiles, all against the backdrop of Amy Adams singing in a live-action set.

For the film’s climactic confrontation, the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) transforms herself into a huge, iridescent dragon that scales the Empire State Building in the rain. Our team created and animated the dragon, also managing the water effects to create a seamless interaction between the villain and the iconic structure.

VFX Supervisors
Thomas Schelesney

VFX Producer
David Dranitzke

Animation Supervisor
James Brown

Compositing Supervisor
Matt Jacobs

Art Director
Peter Konig