Tippett Studio was responsible for the film’s opening sequence in which the Lamia seizes a cursed child and drags him into Hell, as well as the climactic scene at Los Angeles’ Union Station wherein the earth cracks open and demon hands emerge to drag the main character, Christine, into a fiery abyss.

Tippett built a miniature practical set of Hell and the set and elements of smoke, fire and embers were shot using a combination of hi-def RED and Phantom high-speed cameras. Our team then composited the live-action footage into an almost real-time feedback loop; the team then incorporated CG elements, including a desiccated version of Christine, who skin scorches and sizzles as she disappears into the flames of Hell.

VFX Supervisor
Matt Jacobs

VFX Producer
Paul Hill

VFX Supervisor
Thomas Schelesny