For our first commercial spot, Tippett Studio worked on this beloved campaign for Super Bowl XXXVI and won four CLIO Awards in the category of Computer Animation and Visual Effects for our work on a wisecracking guinea pig named Ray (voiced by Jim Belushi) and his long-suffering rabbit buddy, Carl (James Woods).

In addition to great animated performances, these spots are also notable for the first major implementation of Tippett’s proprietary fur system, Furrator. The ability to render exceptionally lifelike hair differentiated the studio’s work and endowed our creatures with an extra dimension of believability.

Observing life from their pet shop window, Carl and Ray paid homage to the kung fu classics, indulged their need to dance, and waxed poetic on the shallowness of movie stars in this award-winning campaign. Steve “Spaz” Williams directed and Clint Goldman produced this project for Doner and Complete Pandemonium.

Steve Spaz Williams

Clint Goldman

VFX Supervisors
Frank Petzold
Scott Souter