The first collaboration between Tippett Studio and director Guillermo del Toro, Blade 2 is most memorable for its terrifying Reapers – brutal über-vampires with toothy, bloodsucking proboscises and the ability to dismantle and extend their jaws, transforming their entire faces into blood-sucking weapons. Tippett used state-of-the-art face-replacement techniques to superimpose digital prosthetics upon the live-action actors to create effects that were not only convincing but terrifying as well.

The film also used visual effects to showcase the skill and strength of Wesley Snipes’ character. Our team created a photorealistic digital double of Blade to perform impossible feats of physical agility and strength to up the ante of the battle scenes. Set against non-real-time camera choreography, the digital double allowed the character to execute impossible leaps, death-defying falls, and savage blows.

VFX Supervisors
Blair Clark
Craig Hayes

VFX Producer
Ed Irastorza

Animation Supervisor
Tom Gibbons

Compositing Supervisor
Colin Epstein