OMG (Oculus MAD GOD)

Do you have what it takes to step inside the mind of Phil Tippett?

Produced by Wevr and in collaboration with Kaleidoscope VR, Tippett Studio presents the world’s first stop-motion VR experience directed by legendary animator Phil Tippett.

Based on the MAD GOD project, OMG immerses the viewer in a rich, darkly rendered world that has been described as both beautiful and grotesque.

By using photogrammetry, hand-animated stop-motion characters and photographic compositing techniques, OMG stretches the technical limits of the virtual reality medium and introduces a level of detail and realism exceptional to the VR world.

Available now for Samsung Gear VR via Wevr’s Transport distribution platform.


  • Director: Phil Tippett
  • VFX Supervisor: Chris Morley
  • Producer: Blaise Panfalone