For comedic science-fiction flick Evolution, Tippett Studio dedicated a team of both practical and CG artists to bring an array of extra-terrestrial creatures to life.

As the title suggests, each creature was to undergo various phases of evolution during the course of the film, and each iteration would require a distinct model, rig, paint job, and style of animation. . Look development for Evolution was intensive and critical, and an army of realistic resin maquettes was created to assist in the visualization process.

In addition to the creature work, Tippett Studio took advantage of its working stage and shooting equipment to execute practical effects such as gunky fluid explosions that would be composited into the film as squishy insect-like aliens met their goopy demise.

Many of the Evolution creature maquettes still exist today, and can be found lurking around the Stage and Lobby areas of Tippett Studio. They may look cute and colorful, but don’t get too close! You never know what the next stage of Evolution may bring.

Creative Team

  • Phil Tippett (VFX Supervisor)
  • Frank Petzold (VFX Supervisor)
  • Ken Kokka (VFX Producer)
  • Eric Reynolds (Animation Supervisor)
  • Brennan Doyle (Compositing Supervisor)
  • Pete Konig (Art Director)