Expertly blending photorealistic graphics with the comic sensibilities of classic Disney animation,

Tippett Studio gave us Pip, a chipmunk yanked from his idyllic, cel-animated, 2-D world and thrown into the chaos of modern-day, live-action New York City.

No fairy tale is complete without a villain, and Tippett created a beauty for the film’s climax – the evil Queen Narissa, a dragon to rival any in movie history.

A host of digital rodentia and vermin augmented Tippett’s considerable contribution to this instant classic.

Creative Team

  • Thomas Schelesney (VFX Supervisor)
  • David Dranitzke (VFX Producer)
  • Pete Konig (Art Director)
  • James Brown (Animation Supervisor)
  • Matt Jacobs (Compositing Supervisor)