Dream of Anhui

Now nominated for a VES Award in the category of Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project!

A boy’s dream of flight comes true when a special visitor guides him through the breathtaking skies of his home province in China. Much more than a flight simulation attraction, Dream of Anhui represents a huge step forward in digital environment creation, taking the audience on a magical journey, igniting all of their senses and giving guests the mind-expanding, visceral thrills of real flight.

Tippett Studio oversaw every aspect of production, encompassing conception, location scouting, sound design and scoring, all the way through to casting and recording voice talent. Covering a single day from morning to night, the attraction flies visitors across twelve distinct and beautiful locations in the Anhui province of China in one, uninterrupted shot.

Natural and historical landmarks come to life as photorealistic, dome-projected CGI panoramas, while soaring camera movements blend with the motion of dynamic venue seating, creating a completely immersive experience.

Delivering at 6K, 48fps, Tippett’s expansion into large-format attractions began with extensive research and development, traveling to China with drones to collect exhaustive photogrammetry data to reproduce real-world mountains with  significant photographic and geographic accuracy.

Creative Team

  • Phil Tippett (Director)
  • Lee Hahn (Producer)
  • Corey Rosen (Writer)
  • Chris Morley (VFX Supervisor)
  • Alex Hessler (CG Supervisor)