A Tippett Studio Original Production
Created and Directed by Phil Tippett

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Story: As the sun goes down in the dark and terrifying place that is Mutant Land, the creatures roaming this world are on the ultimate search for food. But all is not what it seems in this thrilling short animated film, where danger lurks around every corner.

Winner, Best Short Film:
British Horror Film Festival
A Night of Horror International Film Festival (Australia)
Australia Effects & Animation Festival

Official Selection:
Siggraph Electronic Theater
International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival
Telluride Horror Fest
Short Shorts International Film Festival (Japan)
and more…

Created and Directed by Phil Tippett
Executive Producer: Jules Roman
Producer: John Dunlap
Art Direction and VFX Supervisor: Mark Dubeau
CG Supervisor and VFX Co-Supervisor: Ben Von Zastrow
Sound / Foley / Mix: Bill Storkson and Julian Kwasneski
Music: John Dunlap, Neal Hoover, M Stevens