Tippett Studio creates animation and visual effects for motion pictures, television, commercials, special venues, mobile apps, and VR.

From foul-mouthed teddy bears (Ted) to dazzling astral environments (Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey), our team blends the finest talent in the industry with the most elegant technology and software available.

If you have a vision, we’ll make it live.

Latest News

Ted 2

Tippett Studio delivers a virtuoso comic performance for the furry title character as he swears, smokes, and swigs his way through this raunchy sequel to the highest grossing R-Rated comedy in history, Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2.


Dodge Law

In a fast paced, 7 week shoot and post-production schedule, Tippett designed, shot, and delivered 53 animated monkey shots in 5 30-second spots for Doner Company.



Jurassic World Mobile MovieMaker App allows users to place realistically rendered Jurassic World characters such as the Indominus Rex and Velociraptor pack into their own home movies using their mobile device of choice. Pre-set animations and intuitive compositing controls produce a feeling of interaction and integration, and high-quality exports can be sent directly to social networks.


Special Venue

A boy’s dream of flight comes true when a special visitor guides him through the breathtaking skies of his home province in China. Natural and historical landmarks come to life as photorealistic CGI panoramas, while soaring camera tracks and dynamic venue seating bring the audience along on this great adventure (coming soon).

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