Ted 2

Never in the history of motion pictures has there been an entirely CG character as hilarious as Ted.

From the opening Busby Berkeley-style musical number to going mano-a-mano with Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman, Ted dominates the screen through a perfect blending of tour de force vocal performance and brilliant keyframe animation.

The strength of the work is illustrated by the simple fact that Ted isn’t a visual effect; he’s a character. Sporting an array of costumes in a variety of environments, the notion that Ted is a digital creation quickly fades into the background. To audiences, he is as real as thunder-buddy-for-life Mark Wahlberg.

The challenges for such a performance are as plain as Ted’s face. Working with only two beady eyes, a pair of eyebrows and a mouth, Tippett’s animators were able to produce a thoroughly absorbing performance with a galaxy of emotions, running the gamut from apoplectic rage to heartfelt gratitude.

Tippett Studio delivers a master class in animation and technical expertise for the fuzzy title character as he swears, smokes, and swigs his way through this raunchy sequel to the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time.

Creative Team

  • Blair Clark (VFX Supervisor)
  • Eric Leven (VFX Supervisor)
  • Fiona Chilton (VFX Producer)
  • Brian Mendenhall (Animation Supervisor)
  • David Schnee (Compositing Supervisor)
  • Mark Dubeau (Art Director)