Star Wars - The Force Awakens

The throwback easter egg everyone's talking about ...

Phil Tippett and the Tippett Studio team of animators, modelers, fabricators and compositors re-created the infamous stop-motion Dejarik Holochess set from the original film for JJ Abram’s Oscar-Nominated addition to the the beloved Star Wars world, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Yes, it’s real stop-motion!

We tracked down the original stop-motion puppets used in A New Hope, then meticulously re-created them using photogrammetry, 3d printing, compositing, and some old-fashioned silicone casting.

For an extra dash of feel-good nostalgia, animators Phil Tippett, Chuck Duke, and Tom Gibbons animated the characters counter-attacking R2D2’s move from the original film.

Creative Team

  • Phil Tippett (Director)
  • Chris Morley (VFX Supervisor)
  • Mark Dubeau (Art Director)
  • Chuck Duke (Animator)
  • Tom Gibbons (Animator)