At Tippett Studio, we’re not just production artists – we’re filmmakers. And as filmmakers, we know that a big vision doesn’t always come with a big budget. Enter our new Nuts & Bolts Offerings: Shooting Stages and Asset Libraries

Shooting Stages: In an age when most “Visual Effects” studios have resigned themselves to being Digital (only) Production Studios, Tippett Studio stands out with a unique asset – a fully-functioning Stage!  Whether needed for a table-top shoot, a stop-motion animation, a motion-captured performance, or a full green-screen production, Tippett Studio’s Stage is ready for you to call “Action!”

Asset Library: for the first time, Tippett Studio is making its effects elements,  characters, and creature models available for licensing.

Get Hollywood-caliber VFX models, animation and elements for less – effects elements such as fire, water, muzzle flashes, and models and animation for dragons, zombies, penguins, killer robots and more.

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