Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Frequent collaborator Seth MacFarlane enlisted Tippett Studio to assist with his homage to Carl Sagan’s documentary masterpiece, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage [1980].

Visual effects were an essential component to the creation of this timeless document. Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos reflected on the totality of Earth’s history, from the first animal to transition from water to land, to foreseeing a future where spaceships are the norm. 

Collaborating closely with the production team, Tippett participated fully from start to finish, designing shots and creating pre-visualizations, all the way through to completed shots that spanned the complete expanse of time, from the dawn of creation to the predictive future.

Creative Team

  • Eric Leven (VFX Supervisor)
  • Ken Kokka (VFX Producer)
  • Ross Nakamura (Compositing Supervisor)
  • Brad Fox (Lighting Supervisor)
  • Ben Von Zastrow (Lighting Supervisor)