Charlotte's Web

Gluttonous rat Templeton, a scruffy, unsavory and photorealistic digital creation of Tippett Studio,

steals every scene in which he appears in this definitive version of E.B. White’s timeless book.

It remains a high-water mark in character animation to this day. Tippett’s two comic crows, Elwyn and Brooks, inject some much-needed levity along the way.

Charlotte’s Web earned Tippett Studio a 2006 VES Award Nomination for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Motion Picture.

Creative Team

  • Blair Clark (VFX Supervisor)
  • Alex De Souza (VFX Producer)
  • Todd LaBonte (Animation Supervisor)
  • Colin Epstein (Compositing Supervisor)
  • Joel Friesch (Art Director)