Tippett Studio’s team, led by Phil Tippett and Eric Leven, returned for the final installment of the global phenomenon – Twilight Saga, delivering 384 shots through major sequences in the film.

In the final episode of the teen romance set in the supernatural world of vampire and werewolves. Tippett Studio led the Wolf Pack in each major sequence, including the climactic final battle. We also created the Bella Cougar sequence, the Renesmee Snowflake sequence, and the Romanian Chase.

Phil Tippett served as Sr. VFX Supervisor and Eric Leven was VFX Supervisor for Tippett Studio. Art Director Nate Fredenburg and CG Supervisor Charles Rose oversaw the complex creature setup and rendering, while Hans Brekke and Tom Gibbons supervised animation.

Phil Tippett – Sr. VFX Supervisor
Eric Leven – VFX Supervisor
Nate Fredenburg – Art Director
Charles Rose – CG Supervisor
Tom Gibbons – Animation Supervisor
Hans Brekke – Animation Supervisor
David Schnee – Compositing Supervisor
Howard Campbell – Lighting Supervisor
Marie-Laure Nguyen – Lighting Supervisor
Chris Paizis – Matchmove Supervisor

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II