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Tim Burke: “Working with Tippett Studio and Matt Jacobs was a really great experience.”

Did it help to work with the same studios you had worked with before?

Having the luxury of working on several films together in the same series does help. You build up relationships, learn the strengths and weaknesses of different studios. These were mostly Soho-based shows. We were able to use the best visual effects supervisors and artists at the key vendors and build a team to deliver the caliber of work everyone expected.

It was an incredibly unique experience working with so many of the same team – the visual-effects artists, but also the special effects, wardrobe, creature design. The first AD was the same on the last four films. We had the same director for the last four films. Having that longevity allows you to build relationships you usually never get on a film. So often you have to build a relationship quickly and then you’re done. But this was great. We became friends far beyond working on the films, and that in itself was a great experience.

I did get a chance to work with new companies, too. Working with Tippett Studios and Mark Jacobs (sic) was a really great experience. And, we also had other UK vendors, Rising Sun in Australia, and a couple smaller companies.