Like many artists Phil has a studio where ideas and concepts are tried out, an endless cycle of working, thinking and feedback resulting in a huge body of work; sculptures, miniature sets, concept art, storyboards and short films.

Check out Phil’s YouTube channel where you can see some of these clips, interviews, and tomfoolery: PHIL’S ATTIC


This stop motion short film, made in a garage in 1984, was the catalyst that launched the wild idea of creating an independent business whose sole purpose was to create animation for movies. Phil sort of had an inkling that Dinosaurs might be once again popular as PB preceded a wave of popular interest in dinosaurs spurred on in 1990 with the publishing of Michael Crichtons book, Jurassic Park and the subsequent blockbuster movie by Steven Spielberg in 1993.


MadGod was an experiment in surreal / mythic images not tied to story but to a more infantile / proto myth /puppet film idea. More artistic in a Staravitch / Svankmier style of collage filmmaking, MadGod was intended as a venture into somewhat transgressive imagery dealing with the brutality of the industrial age colliding with a previous age of belief. The plug was pulled on the project with the meteoric rise of digital VFX & animation. Plus, no one would fund an NC-17 animated feature, which was no surprise.

The selected images are from the pre-production work showing storyboards and concepts as well as atmospheric ideas.

The short movie will be coming this website.

Phil's Attic