Nuts & Bolts

We get it.

Tippett Studio’s well known for our VFX and Animation for Movies & TV.

Also our Mobile Apps, VR/AR Experiences, and Theme Park Attractions.

And we realized, recently, that we were sitting on a veritable TREASURE TROVE of amazing assets that are being UNDERUSED.


EFFECTS ELEMENTS, like fire, water, muzzle flashes, water splashes…


…and also CREATURE models, including full animations.

So, we began licensing these Nuts-and-Bolts to BIG TIME GAMES STUDIOS and we think you’re gonna want these for your projects too.


Lower your production expenses, getting Hollywood-caliber VFX models, animation and elements for a fraction of the cost.


You will get a great deal on what you need.

We get to see our digital assets put to good use.

It’s a win-win.

Have a gander at the Examples.  Follow links to the Reels.  Call On Us when you want to see more!