About Us

Tippett Studio is a premier Visual Effects, Animation, and Media Production Studio based in Berkeley, California, USA.

Animation pioneer, Phil Tippett, and partner Jules Roman founded Tippett Studio. From humble beginnings, Tippett Studio has evolved with the needs of the entertainment industry. We now produce a vast range of high quality media for a global market from large format entertainment for motion based rides to feature movies, commercials and apps for mobile devices.

A multi Academy Award winner, Phil’s career began with the Star Wars Trilogy. He then designed, built and hand-animated sequences for Robocop 1&2, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Ghostbusters 2. A watershed moment happened for Tippett Studio with Jurassic Park when, almost over night, the cinematic landscape shifted with the advent of CG animation.

Since then, we have created indelible characters and scenes for Starship Troopers, Hellboy, the Matrix filmsConstantine, Cloverfield as well as family films like Charlotte’s Web and Enchanted. From the shape shifting wolves in the Twilight Saga movies to the outrageous bear in the comedies Ted and Ted 2 and the 1940’s Shanghai skyline for John Woo’s The Crossing –we bring creative collaboration to every challenge.

With our multitude of skills we provide a wide range of creative services; concept design, creature design, environmental and digital set design, modeling, pre vis, 2D comping, 3D FX and character animation, motion capture, editorial services and on set supervision.

Recently, the Studio is excited to have created an extraordinary 6K, photoreal recreation of the Anhui landscape for Wanda’s flying-theatre attraction in Hefei, as well as action packed animated sequences of the Naza character for the Chinese epic, League of Gods (Feng Shen Bang), with director Koan Hui.

Riding on the runaway success of World of Warcraft, Intel recently hired Tippett Studio to provide on set supervision and character animation for a commercial, shot in Beijing and featuring Orgrim Doomhammer!

Tippett Studio is proud to have maintained its position as one of the most renowned character animation studios in the world, passionately bringing impossible visions to life with heart, technique and breathtaking realism.


Our Work